Sunday, July 24, 2016

Day 20, Aberdeen, WA to The Dalles, OR

After riding from Port Angeles, WA yesterday, we found ourselves in poor, down-at-its-heels Aberdeen WA. The Travelodge was nasty. The whole town shows its depressed logging economy.

We did find a good place to eat (cheap) seafood that evening, and then I took some shots of the surrounding defunct industrial areas.

The last thing we saw leaving Aberdeen the next morning. Actually, I have a sneaking suspicion he is. The vengeful ones always are. It was probably something you said, or did, or thought.

We drove south down the coast on 101, passing some really pretty wetlands.

We stopped off in South Bend, WA for coffee at Elixer. While standing in line to order one of the locals came up to me and said, "I remember you! You were in here a couple of years ago!" Small world.

Right next door is the world's largest oyster. See?

Offshore fog bank near Tillimook.

Blackberrys along the Kilchis River Road east of Tillimook.

Later that afternoon, somewhere near downtown Portland, OR, we got separated from each other in traffic. 90 miles later we met up again in The Dalles, OR at the motel. Moral of that story, don't get separated in traffic. Also, don't try to outrun a motorcycle if you're a mayfly.

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