Sunday, July 24, 2016

Day 15, Prince Rupert, BC to Port Hardy, BC, Vancouver Island

We were at the dock in Prince Rupert to catch the ferry at 5:15 am. We also had the first rain of the entire trip this morning! All of BC has been experiencing a heat wave. The motorcycles loaded up first.

It was cool and misty for the first few hours of the 14-hour ride to Port Hardy.

The ferry serves a first-class breakfast buffet.

Some of the other passengers were colorful.

There was one stop en route to Port Harde: Klemtu.

A couple of passengers had purchased tickets to Klemtu, but then decided to try to get a free ride all the way to Port Hardy. We waited an hour until the purser found them and kicked them off the boat.

Thanks to the extra hour spent waiting while the purser looked for the stowaways, we didn't get into Port Hardy until 1:00am.

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